Last updated on Sunday November 09, 2008

Is. 50:5 The Lord Jehovah has opened my ear; And I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn back.

Always rejoice, Unceasingly pray, In everything give thanks.

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This is my daughter's idea. She asked me to place my favorite hymns here. Please click the following links to hear. All you need to have are Windows Media Player and patience.

Best Hymn Site I ever found!

Chinese Hymns

Banner Songs

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine

But holding to truth in love (Eph. 4:16)

Divine romance

Earthen vessel I was made

Give up the world, Christ to obtain

How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds

I am in love

I come to Thee, dear Lord

I do not know where they have laid Him (Jn. 20:1-18)

I have fought the good fight (2 Tim. 4:7)

I love God

I need Jesus

In, In, In (Jn. 17:21)

Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me

Lord, keep my heart

Lovers of Christ (Song 6:1-13)

More and more each day

O God, Thou art the source of life

O Lord, Thou art in me as life

O the riches of my Savior

Praise Him! Praise Him! Christ is Victor!

Shepherd, Spirit, Father (Lk. 15:1-32)

Wherever you go (Ruth 1:16-17)